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Patient Testimonials and Reviews

A special thanks to these incredible patients who have so generously allowed us to borrow their words to tell you about their experiences at our plastic surgery center in Birmingham, Alabama.

Breast Enhancement Testimonials

Breast Augmentation

  • I love Dr. Hedden! I would recommend him to anyone who is interested in Transumbilical Breast Augmentation. full testimonial
  • I will highly recommend Dr. Hedden to anyone who is contemplating having breast augmentation surgery. full testimonial
  • Today, I am a very happy 36C (full C) ... If I could do it all over again, I wouldn't change a thing. Thanks Dr. Hedden full testimonial

Breast Lift

Body Contouring Testimonials

  • The staff was so nice and took such good care of me ... My results were absolutely incredible! Dr. Hedden exceeded every expectation I had! full testimonial
  • I would highly and happily recommend Dr. William J. Hedden and his staff to anyone who is considering cosmetic surgery. full testimonial

Face & Skin Procedure Testimonials

  • Dr. Hedden performed the surgery and did a very natural looking job on my face. I have had many compliments on my 'youthful' face ... full testimonial

Other Testimonials

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