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Breast Augmentation Testimonial from Donna

"I feel very confident now with my new look"

I am 20 years old, 5'10", weigh 145 lbs. and have had my breast implants for a week and a half. I was a very small "A" before surgery and am now a full C. I must start off by saying Dr. Hedden did an excellent job! When you meet him and see his work you'll know why.

I researched breast augmentation for about 2 years and finally saved money to go ahead. My boyfriend's mother had her first surgery performed by Dr. Hedden about 9 months ago. I went to her surgery with her, that's when I first met Dr. Hedden. I told him I'd be a "future patient," not realizing I'd be a patient only 9 months later! My boyfriend's mother had a second procedure performed by Dr. Hedden 5 months ago and by then I'd decided I would definitely use Dr. Hedden because of the beautiful work he did on her.

I scheduled my consultation just to ask Dr. Hedden a few questions and before even consulting with him I scheduled my surgery! I knew he was the doctor for me! When I met with him I felt VERY comfortable with him and his staff. He has a beautiful office and everyone there makes you feel very welcome.

When I met with Dr. Hedden he took a look at me and told me I have what is called "constrictive breasts," which means they never developed. Dr. Hedden asked me what size I'd like to go to and I told him I thought a full C but I wanted his opinion. He told me a full C would be good for me and it'd probably take approx. 400-450 cc's to get me there. I got to try on the implant sizers and really liked the 400 cc range.

Surgery Day! I woke up not really nervous (because I've had surgeries before and I really trusted Dr. Hedden), but I was anxious to get it over with. Finally I would no longer be flat-chested! The nurse took before pictures and gave me my IV. The anesthesiologist came in and put some medicine in my IV, which totally relaxed me.

After I was walked to the operating room, I laid on the operating table and was hooked up to several monitors. The last thing I remember is my head feeling really heavy and I was out!

The next thing I remember was waking up in recovery. I stayed until I felt all right and she put my clothes on along with a sports bra that I am to wear for 2 weeks. I was then wheeled to the car. When I got home, I wasn't in that much pain, just really sore. It was hard to take deep breaths but after taking the muscle relaxer it was a little easier. It just felt like something heavy was compressing my chest. I took a shower by myself and washed my hair by myself the very next day. Although the first couple of days I had to have someone help me get out of the recliner, open pill bottles, get in and out of bed, etc.

I had my surgery on a Wednesday and went back to work the following Monday. As far as being painful, I only took pain med's the day of surgery and the day after. Since then I haven't even taken Tylenol or anything for pain. After returning home from work the first couple of days after surgery I would take a muscle relaxer before going to bed.

I have now had my implants for 10 days and I am doing great! A lot of the swelling has gone down and my new boobies look good! I am so happy that I chose to have the surgery and that I used Dr. Hedden. If I should have to have any type of surgery in the future which Dr. Hedden performs, I'll definitely use his practice. I feel very confident now with my new look. Thanks Dr. Hedden!

— Donna

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