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Plastic Surgery Payment and Financing

Hedden & Gunn Plastic Surgery accepts cash in addition to VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards. We are sorry for the inconvenience but do not accept personal checks. There are also a variety of financing plans available to help you manage the costs associated with your procedure at our Birmingham, Alabama cosmetic surgery center.

Financing Plans

Many patients find their aesthetic goals to be within reach with financing plans for cosmetic surgery. Please select the links below to learn more about financing your procedure with Prosper, CareCredit or United Credit. These lenders offer useful online tools such as payment calculators and instant applications.


Personal loans through Prosper offer a simple, flexible, and fast option to help cover cosmetic surgery. Here are some of the benefits you'll receive with a loan from cosmetic surgery financing with Prosper:


The CareCredit credit card offers convenient monthly payments and promotional financing options. If you’re looking to enhance your appearance and confidence through cosmetic surgery or other beauty procedures, CareCredit can help make it possible by providing an easy and convenient way to pay.

For over 30 years, CareCredit has been providing a valuable financing option for treatments and procedures typically not covered by insurance, or for times when insurance doesn't cover the full amount. CareCredit is also used by cardholders to pay for deductibles and co-payments.

CareCredit is one of the largest and most popular health, wellness and beauty credit cards in the nation, serving millions of families each year.

United Credit

United Credit is here to connect you with financing solutions through our network of lending partners. Plastic surgery financing with United Credit can help you get the procedure you need with a payment plan that fits your budget.

United Credit offers loans for cosmetic surgeries with the following benefits:

Hedden and Gunn Plastic Surgery

A variety of cosmetic surgery financing and payment options are available for procedures at Hedden & Gunn.

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