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Mommy Makeover in Birmingham AL

Reclaim Your Body with Cosmetic Surgery

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As a mother, you devote so much time and energy to your kids and family that it's easy to forget about taking care of yourself.

The Mommy Makeover at Hedden & Gunn Plastic Surgery is a growing trend that allows you to reclaim your body after childbearing. A combination of cosmetic surgery procedures are carefully selected to target your areas of need and satisfy your personal desire for a more youthful shape.

There is no denying that a woman's body goes through significant changes during pregnancies and childbirth. These changes may include drooping or deflated breasts, a protruding abdomen, stubborn deposits of fat, loose skin and stretch marks.

Addressing multiple areas affected by child-bearing in just one visit to the operating room is a good way to keep recovery time and costs to a minimum. Depending on the patient, procedures can also be performed separately if preferred.

A Growing Trend in Cosmetic Surgery

Mommy makeovers at Hedden & Gunn Plastic Surgery can be very rewarding by rejuvenating a number of body areas affected by pregnancy. Cosmetic surgery options used for this purpose include breast enhancement, body contouring and vaginal rejuvenation.

Diet and exercise can help to get you back into shape after pregnancy, but are often not enough. For this reason, Mommy makeovers are a growing trend in cosmetic surgery designed to counteract the undesirable physical effects of childbearing and help you regain your youthful figure.

Mommy Makeovers at our Birmingham, Alabama practice are customized for each patient. Dr. William Hedden, Dr. Stephen Gunn or Dr. Joshua Halka will help you choose the right procedures to meet your goals.

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The Mommy Makeover lets you reclaim your body with a combination of cosmetic surgery procedures customized for you.

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