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Angela's Buttocks Augmentation Testimonial

"The result is absolutely what I wanted"

For many years I have wanted a nicely shaped derrière. I have run marathons, engaged in rigorous exercise routines, but no matter what I did, I was never able to attain the look I desired. I finally began looking at surgical alternatives, did a lot of research and decided the results I was looking for would probably require buttock augmentation. A consultation with Dr. Hedden confirmed this procedure would likely provide the results I desired. Below I will share a very brief story of my first 6 weeks post-operatively.

Days 1-7: This was a pretty uncomfortable time for me. I felt very, very sore and it was difficult to find a comfortable position. However, the pain medication and muscle relaxers made it bearable. Each day got a little better.

Days 8-14: Bandages off … able to see results so the discomfort has been worth it! By Day 14, I went back to work full-time (office type job). I am comfortable sitting at work; you don't sit on the implants as they are placed above the part of your "bottom" that touches a seat. And best of all, my bottom "feels" natural to the touch … you can't feel the implants from the outside! However, still sore at times.

Days 15-21: By the end of the third week I was able to fully return to all activities except exercise. Still sore at times, but rather than feeling "painful" it feels more like feels like I have worked out really hard on a Stairmaster.

Days 22-28: Main challenge has been to not "over-do-it." I feel great and want to work out. I tried to exercise a little but my body was just not ready. Don't cheat and do any exercise routine early. It is NOT worth it. I tend to be impatient; as a result I am a little frustrated that I am not back to 100%.

Days 29-35: Still a little sore, but gets better every day.

Days 36-42: The implants now feel like a natural part of my body and the result is absolutely what I wanted. I have returned to all activities that I engaged in pre-operatively. I still wear the same size clothing, but the fit is SO MUCH better. I am very pleased with how much better my favorite, worn-out jeans look :)

— Angela

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