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Wendy's Breast Augmentation Testimonial

"My surgery went perfect and my breasts are beautiful"

I am 32 years old and breast fed both of my children for the first 12 months of their lives. I was never large to begin with, a full B cup which was always fine with me. But after my milk finally dried completely up I couldn't even fit into a training bra. I was so embarrassed for my husband to even look at me. Victoria Secret carried a AA padded bra that actually made me look like I had a little bit up top. I went to purchase several more of that style to find they had discontinued that line!

I have always been a "love the skin you're in" kind of girl, but sadly the condition of my breasts depressed me every time I looked at them. So I started surfing the web, called and emailed many clinics. Then I found Dr. Hedden's office, they were so nice and full of knowledge. They had answers to all of my questions without hesitation (which were many). I scheduled my consult and was still very unsure about the whole idea of surgery and breast augmentation. I arrived for my consult a bit timid and embarrassed, but left excited and with a surgery date scheduled.

My surgery went perfect and my breasts are beautiful! I would recommend anyone in the market for enhancement to look no further! I couldn't be more pleased and my confidence level is better than ever. Thanks again Dr. Hedden!

— Wendy

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