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Brittney's Breast Augmentation Testimonial

"Thanks Dr. Hedden and all of his staff"

I would recommend Dr. Hedden to anyone looking to have plastic surgery. The staff is wonderful. Having said that I will tell you about my experience at Hedden Plastic Surgery.

I was 20 years at the time of the surgery. I weigh about 100 lbs and was an A cup. I have considered breast augmentation for a while. I have always been self conscious about myself throughout school. After I had two kids, I was very unsatisfied with my breast and I finally decided to do something about it.

I started searching online and found Dr. Hedden. I read all the testimonials and decided to make a consultation. After meeting with him I knew right away that he was the one that I was going to let perform my surgery.

The day of my consult was the day I scheduled my surgery. 15 days later was my surgery, I was so excited yet nervous. I was still undecided on the size when I got there but I quickly decided that I wanted 425cc behind muscle with the incision under the breast. They took pictures and started my iv. After they put the anesthesia into my iv, I didn't remember much except them telling me they would take care of me and I was going to be fine. The next thing I remember was waking up very sore. They gave me drink, crackers and I had to have something for pain.

The first day was very uncomfortable for me. I had to stay at a motel because I live more than 30 minutes away from Birmingham. I did not get much sleep that night. I had an appointment the next day. Dr. Hedden said I looked good and that he would see me in 3 weeks. I am still waiting to go to my post-op appointment.

It has been 11 days and I am feeling better. The first week was hard. It feels like a muscle pull, very uncomfortable feeling. I wasn't supposed pick up over 5 lbs and didn't listen because I have a 9 month baby girl and she just made me pick her up. Other than that it has been good.

I am very satisfied with my breast now. I am more confident in myself than I have ever been. So thanks Dr. Hedden and all of his staff!

I was small A cup before surgery now I am a 36C. Sports bras are very comfortable and I love to be able to wear them and still look good. I am so pleased with my results! One of my best friends is considering going to Dr. Hedden to have this procedure because she loves the results also. Thanks to all the staff, they are the nicest people that I have ever meet. See y'all soon!

— Brittney

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