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Diane's Breast Augmentation Testimonial

"It has given me so much self-esteem"

I had implants 3 weeks ago. I am 45 years old, 5 ft. 3 in. tall and weigh 140 lbs. I was a 34B before surgery and now I am a 36C. I had a 360CC moderate profile smooth round Mentor implants. My implants were placed sub-muscular with my incisions under my breast.

I had always wanted large breasts since high school. I have 2 children and loved being pregnant because I had breast and felt more like a woman.

I had talked to several girls who had breast implants by Dr. Hedden, discussed the pros and cons and felt like I wanted to meet the doctor and ask some questions so I made an appointment for a consultation. I met the doctor and his staff and they made me feel very comfortable and helped me decide what would fit my body. I wasn't able to make an appointment then, but in January I made an appointment for April and was ready to tell the world.

The morning finally came and I was very nervous, not about getting the implants, but about being put to sleep. When I talked to the Anesthesiologist I felt better, but the best advice I got was from Dr. Hedden's nurse. She explained if I could differentiate pressure from pain I would be able to understand what to expect after the surgery.

Finally my dream has come true, my implants were put in and the first 2 to 3 days I was a little uncomfortable with pressure and soreness in the muscles in my chest and under my arms and I had to have help rising up in the bed.

The surgery was on a Wednesday and by Friday I was almost back to myself. The day I got home I took a pain pill and 2 hours later I took a muscle relaxer. The next day I started the antibiotics and took 1 muscle relaxer at night. I can honestly say there was no pain just pressure like the nurse said.

I went back to work in 1 week. I had someone to help me the first 2 days, after that I have been on my own and doing great. I feel a little twinge ever now and then when I shampoo or keep my arms up a lot, but that's to be expected. I feel wonderful. It has given me so much self-esteem. My attitude towards everything is different, I'm a happier wife and a confident stylist with a whole new wardrobe. That was a gift from my husband who is also proud of the "twins".

I have shown a lot of my customers the different me and have answered lots of questions people had and hope that because of my personal experience that I will be able to send some more people to have the procedure.

I will be making another appointment for other procedures that the doctor offers that I have needed for a while.

Thank you Hedden Plastic Surgery staff and Dr. Hedden!

— Diane

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