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Patient Testimonials SmartLipo, Scar Revision, Dysport

SmartLipo, Scar Revision and Dysport Testimonial

"Dr. Hedden exceeded every expectation I had"

Over the last year I have lost some excess weight through diet and exercise. Despite my extremely active exercise program I was still unable to lose specific pockets of body fat. Also, due to the weight loss, my face had lost fat and was looking aged, to include sunken eyes and deep smile lines.

After coming to the realization that more exercise would not get rid of the body fat and more dieting only resulted in increased fat loss from my face, I decided to see a plastic surgeon. Based on multiple recommendations and outstanding experiences by friends, family and co-workers, I chose to see Dr. Hedden.

During my consultation, Dr. Hedden explained what needed to be done. He was extremely professional and informative.

Just a couple of months later I underwent SmartLipo to my abdomen and flanks, fat transfer to my lips, cheeks, smile lines and under my eyes. I also had my tummmy tuck scar revised and Dysport injected into my forehead and crow's feet. It was so nice to go to the surgery center in Dr. Hedden's building. The staff was so nice and took such good care of me. I can't say enough how much I appreciate their part in my care.

My results were absolutely incredible! Dr. Hedden exceeded every expectation I had!

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