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Tammy's Breast Augmentation Testimonial

"Dr. Hedden will make you feel so comfortable"

I am 37 years old and the mom of 3 teen children, all of whom I breast fed. I was always small going through school and could never wear the type of clothes I wanted to wear. After breast feeding three babies I dried up to be even smaller. So at 37 I decided to do something special for myself.

I was going to get a breast augmentation. I made the appointment with Dr. Hedden. His staff is very professional and make you feel at ease. They treated me as if they had known me for years. On my first appointment I was told to bring different size bras that I might like to be, so I did C's and D's. They put my husband and I in a room and gave us several different size implants to try on play with. I decided on 425 CC round under the muscle.

Dr. Hedden came in, examined and measured my chest wall and breast, and said that would work and would make me around full C and small D. He explained the surgery and recovery and answered all my questions. I wanted this so bad but was very scared until I left this appointment. Leaving I felt very sure, safe and excited.

I arrived on the morning of the surgery, my husband got to come back and stay with me until time to go to the O.R. We kissed goodbye and off I was to surgery. The anesthesiologist explained to me what she would be doing and we began.

After the surgery I don't really remember a lot until we were almost home. When we got home my husband helped me into the recliner and told me things went great. I just wanted to sleep. Around 4 hours later I awoke asking for a pain pill, feeling sore and aching. The next morn he got me up and helped me take a shower. My first view of the new girls! There was still tape across my incisions and some bruising. They were still high but wow I was a D cup for sure.

The shower felt great and back on with the sports bra. The recliner was my home for the day because I was sore and stiff but not too much pain. No more pain pills all day. In the days to follow I got my strength back in my arms and it wasn't too long that the girls started to drop.

It has been 13 months now since my surgery and I have no regrets. It has been everything I imagined and I can now wear all the cute clothes that I have always wanted to wear.

So expect 3 days to really feel good and a couple of weeks before you can sleep on your side. But I would recommend it to anyone longing for it like I was. The staff and Dr. Hedden will make you feel so comfortable while you are there.

— Tammy

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