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Breast Augmentation Testimonial — Wanting It for Years

"Finally Got my Breasts Done !! I'm So Happy !"

I finally got my breast augmentation after wanting it for yearsss. I paid for my surgery in April .. Scheduled it in Birmingham, Alabama for July 23rd. The day of surgery was pretty smooth. I was nervous but the anesthesia knocked me out within minutes ! It wasn't as bad as most people said it would be. Just a lot of tightness and pressure. I went with 550CC on the left and 525CC on the right. Before surgery, I was either a 32DD OR A 34D. NOW I'm either a 36DDD or a 38DD. My only Advice is if u want your breasts done DO IT ! IT IS SOO WORTH IT. If u do decide to do it , get plenty of rest! Take someone with u that u can definitely depend on to help u . Let people help u! I will update u guys as time passes. Also, if u want to go the affordable way and get really good results , I would refer my doctor . Doctor Gunn or Doctor Hedden at Hedden & Gunn Plastic Surgery in Birmingham, Alabama. I traveled 14 hours just to get to them. Good luck

UPDATE — I will be 6 weeks post op on Friday ! My dressings on my stitches came off 3 weeks post op.. I started sleeping on my side about a couple weeks ago . My breasts definitely have dropped tremendously. Up until about a week ago , my breasts were extremely swollen (especially the right one).. but it gets better with time . Time definitely makes a huge difference & I am in love ! I can't wait to fully heal .

UPDATE — Hey guys .. just wanted to update u guys .. My actual bra size is 34i . I'm still shocked about that!. My boobs are super cute and natural looking now & they have became apart of me . I will update u guys as time passes .

UPDATE — Tomorrow will officially be 1 year since my breast augmentation .. I found out that I have Natrelle implants .. I had 465cc on the right filled to 525cc and 500cc on the left filled to 550cc .. i love my boobs !! They have completely dropped and everything .. I forget that they are even there!! If u are considering getting them done , this is your sign !!

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