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Breast Augmentation Testimonial from Angela

"I love my new body"

I am 23 years old. I had been thinking about breast augmentation for about 2 years before I went to Dr. Hedden for a consultation. For the longest time I felt less than a woman because of my small breast size. I had a nice little figure, but it was a "half hour glass" shape. I have a big butt, a small waist and NO BREAST! I was very troubled by that and one day I did something about it.

I had surgery at Hedden Plastic Surgery. Before augmentation I was a full 34A. I decided to go with 390 cc which would give me about a 2 cup size difference. The day of the surgery I remember going back and speaking briefly with a nurse, the doctor and the anesthesiologist. They all were shocked at how calm I was. I was so happy to be getting this procedure done! I was walked into the surgical suite where I was given an IV. I chose to have my implants placed underneath my muscle and the incision was made underneath the fold of my breast.

The next thing I remember was waking up in the recovery room. The nurse smiled and asked how I was doing. I felt really good after I woke up. I truly was not in any pain. It was more of a feeling of tightness in my chest. Shortly thereafter, my fiancé pulled the car up and I was wheeled out. I was feeling well enough that I went into Rite Aid with him to fill my Rx. Then I was taken home to relax and recover.

My recovery process was good. I never felt pain, it was just like a pulled muscle. I was a little stiff for about 2 days, but after that I was okay. I only took maybe 2 of the pain pills. The day after surgery I switched to extra strength Tylenol and the day after that I took nothing. My surgery was on a Monday and I returned to work, feeling great, on Thursday. When I woke up I finally looked down at my "new additions" and noticed that they were basically to my collar bone! They dropped eventually, and now, if I tell someone they do not believe me because they look SO NATURAL!

Some people may think that if you go to a bigger size you may have some limitations to what you can do activity wise. That is not the case for me. I have always been an athletic person and nothing has changed. I can still play basketball, lift weights and anything else that I did before surgery. The only thing I had to adjust to was sleeping on my stomach with a bigger breast size. You kinda feel like you may bust them if you lay on them for too long, but trust me … they won't.

People ask me what was it like to have surgery and would I do it again. My best advice to them would be to research the procedure and the doctor that you would like to go to. Weigh the pros and cons and do what it best for you. But please understand that there are risks involved but for me, my joy and COMPLETE SATISFACTION totally outweighed the risk.

I have had no complication at all and I love my new body. The only thing that I would change would be the size. You may think that 390's sound big and they are. They are a full 34C now, but I think I could pull off a D cup with my body shape. So, Dr. Hedden and staff … see you soon!

— Angela

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