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Sheila's Breast Augmentation Testimonial

"You wont regret it!"

I am 35 years old, 5' and weigh about 105 pounds. I went from not even a full A to a full 34B. I have wanted and considered breast augmentation surgery since my early 20's. I discussed the issue with my husband on several occasions, he finally told me to call and see about price and getting a consultation.

I emailed Dr. Hedden's office, told them I was interested in a breast augmentation consult and asked the price. I got an email back the same day. I called and got an appointment for a consult. I was not even a full A, so I was afraid he would tell me I was hopeless. The staff was great and made me feel very relaxed. Once I got to the consult room and started looking at the sizers and pictures, I started feeling much better. When Dr. Hedden came in, I felt very comfortable with him. He took his time and answered all my questions. It also made us feel much better since I was small framed, I only wanted to go to a full B cup that was OK. My husband and I both liked the fact that the surgery would be done in their own surgery suite.

I went back to do my pre-op stuff and again the staff was great; the nurses answered any questions we had and told us what to expect after surgery. On the day of surgery the staff was ready for us. My husband and I went into an exam room where I removed my shirt and bra and put on a robe. Dr. Hedden came in to do his markings and see if we had any questions. After that, the nurse came in to start the IV.

The surgery went great, and when I woke up there was a nurse right there to see if I was hurting or if I needed anything. I was very surprised that I was not hurting at all. I stayed there a little longer and she asked if I was ready to try to get up, get dressed and leave. I was ready to go, so she helped me to sit up and put on my support bra. Since my breast was so small before and now I actually had some breast, the weight of the implants felt strange, not uncomfortable. After getting dressed, the nurse wheeled me out and we got in the car and were home by midday. We kept an ice bag on each boob for most of the first day.

The days following the surgery went great. I had no problems moving around or getting up and down on my own. I did have a little pain in my left breast during the first week, but nothing unbearable. I still felt like a had a weight in my chest, but again this was not painful or uncomfortable. That went away within the first week. I know everybody has different experiences, but I would not think twice about doing this again, if I had known how little pain and recovery was involved I would have done it years ago. I am so happy I finally got brave enough to go for it. I am looking forward to my first summer wearing a swimsuit that I can actually put some boobs in.

So, for anyone who has been considering breast augmentation surgery I would suggest it, at least making the first step and setting up a consult. You wont regret it! Good luck!

— Sheila

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