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Rebecca's Breast Augmentation Testimonial

"I like looking at myself in the mirror"

I am 39 years old and got breast implants back in December. I have thought about implants my entire adult life. I have always felt disproportioned. I am 5' 8" and weigh 150 lbs. I was a 36 B.

I found Dr. Hedden via the internet and emailed the clinic. Each time they responded! The girls answering the phone were very nice. The doctor was very professional and made me feel comfortable.

My husband and I made the appointment. I had already decided to get the size of C; in fact, I was so sure that this was what I wanted that I had already bought a bra for after the surgery.

The nurse was very friendly and made me feel at ease. When I told them the size I wanted they said they wanted me to try some on and not think about size but looks and feel. My husband and I both agreed on one of them. Much to our surprise it was a D. They assured me with my size and frame this size was not too big and that I could even go larger.

The day of surgery, I drifted into a peaceful dream state. I do not remember much about getting up or going to the motel. I remember waking up and being nauseated. I threw up a couple of times.

Everyone says that it feels like a huge weight on your chest, but I did not feel that. One of the reasons may have been that I exercised my chest muscles and my abs to make them stronger for the surgery. I exercise a great deal and when I am at my best weight my breasts would go down to a size A.

First when I saw "the twins" I thought I may have made a mistake. They were huge and it hurt to move, breathe, etc. I used a lot of ice and took care to follow the instructions. I was very careful not to do too much.

The only thing I did was go to work too early. I had the surgery on Wednesday and went to work on Monday. Although I work on a computer I had a 69 mile drive. That drive is what did me in I was miserable.

To me at first my chest did not look like the great chest shots you see on TV. Up in the air one more swollen or moved over, lopsided. I saw something different that I did not like every day. Slowly they started to fall into place; then I thought they looked too small. I was still swollen up high in my chest for several weeks as expected. This swelling pushed them out to the side, so no cleavage. Then slowly the swelling went down and they started to come together and now I love them. I feel I am in proportion and can work out and loose weight without losing my chest! Now that they are older they feel like they are part of my body.

I am very thankful I went with the D because the C would have been too small. I think by the looks many people do notice something but are not sure what it is. My Mom said that I look like I am in proportion and they don't look too large. If I had gone with anyone beside Dr. Hedden I probably would have gotten the C and still been too small for my frame.

Five months later, I am exercising normal and doing everything I used to. Every once in a while I get a twinge or feel funny but I can tell that this happens less and less. I am very happy with my looks and really like going to Victoria's Secret and getting asked my size! I like looking at myself in the mirror. If I had it to do over again, the only thing I would change is to get it done earlier! My husband loves them too! He does enjoy them and I catch him looking at me all the time! I love it!

— Rebecca

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