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Testimonial for SmartLipo in Birmingham, Alabama

"I was back to work the next day"

I am 28 year of age single mother living in Birmingham, Alabama. I am a nurse. I have always had a few problem areas on my hips that I just could not get to go away. I then saw some ads for smart liposuction.

I did my research and found a few doctors in Birmingham, Alabama that performed the procedure. A few were not even plastic surgeons and had their dogs in the office, just did not seem safe. Then a friend of mine told me to check out Dr. Hedden. I am so happy she did. They were so nice. The whole office was just so helpful.

I had the surgery at their surgery center and was there for about 2 hours. It was performed under local anesthetic and did not hurt at all. I have to admit I was very nervous that it was going to hurt but it did not, it was so easy. I was back to work the next day and had no signs of bruising.

I look great! I still cannot believe it did not hurt. I should have had it done even earlier. It was so worth it and very inexpensive.

I do believe my outcome was so good because I choose the right doctor. Do your research! Make sure they are a plastic surgeon and of course no dogs in the office. :)

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