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Mommy Makeover Testimonial — Kudos to Dr. Gunn

"Tummy tuck/muscle repair and breast lift - I feel really good!"

I'm 8 days PO and I must say, I feel really good! My recovery is not at all what I expected. I was terrified of being in excruciating pain and being helpless! The first day was kinda crazy because I was so doped up, so that was a blur. Day 2 was much better, I slept in my own bed, glad I didn't go a get a recliner, but I guess it works for some.

I'm an active person with being a group fitness instructor, so I really think that helped me out a lot. I had no real pain, just discomfort, and by day 4, I was pretty much self sufficient, I no longer need help with getting up and down, I was caring for my own incisions, emptying my drains (which I hate), and taking showers on my own!

I did a lot of praying not to be helpless, even though my hubby and family were there if I needed them, I did what I could on my own. I took a while but I got it done! I still have swelling and the drain sites are irritating but I'm staying in my garment most all day. No problems at all with my breast, I'm so pleased with them.

My doctor and his staff were excellent and made me feel special, he made me feel like he took pride in giving me what I wanted, so Kudos to Dr. Gunn and staff! I'm definitely glad I did it just hate I didn't do it sooner. Today I cooked, washed clothes, and did light housework. I go back on Thursday, at that time I hope they remove the drains, so I can get back to life! No pics yet but I'll have my doctor email them so I can share.

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