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Microneedling in Birmingham AL

Minimally-Invasive Skin Rejuvenation, Collagen Production

Microneedling model

Microneedling is a minimally-invasive skin rejuvenation procedure that improves the skin's tone and texture by stimulating the production of collagen. Also called medical needling or collagen induction therapy (CIT), microneedling is used to improve the appearance of scars (including acne scars), wrinkles, enlarged pores and hyperpigmentation (dark spots). Microneedling is most often used on the face, but can also treat scars and stretch marks elsewhere on the body.

During microneedling treatments, a roller or pen-like device with small, sterilized needles creates punctures into the deep layers of skin. These tiny pinpricks cause the body's natural healing process to create new tissue rich in collagen. Topical skin care products are often administered after microneedling to allow them to penetrate deeper into the skin and provide more effective results.

Microneedling at our Birmingham, Alabama cosmetic surgery center can make your skin brighter, firmer and smoother with little discomfort and minimal downtime. To benefit from the cumulative effects of collagen production, a minium of three treatment sessions is usually recommended for best results.

Microneedling Safety and Side Effects

The side effects of microneedling are generally few and short-lived. Treatments can cause redness and irritation that goes away within hours to a couple of days. Rarely, more serious side effects such as bleeding, bruising, infection or peeling are seen.

Microneedling may not be safe for patients with certain skin conditions. These include people with psoriasis or eczema, active acne or a history of keloid scars (raised scars).

Microneedling is safe for skin of any type or color. Some laser treatments carry the risk of changes in pigmentation for patients with darker skin tones, or those who have dark spots or patches of skin. These patients may prefer microneedling as a safer alternative to laser therapy.

Microneedling Procedure

To ensure a high level of comfort during microneedling, patients are usually lightly sedated and the areas to be treated are numbed with a topical anesthetic. Your doctor then uses the microneedling device to make microscopic punctures that extend into the dermis, which lies below the epidermis (the top layer of skin). The pinpricks are so small they are not likely to be noticed following treatment and do not result in any scarring.

After the approximately 30-minute procedure, an antibiotic ointment is applied to the skin to soothe the treated area.

Microneedling Recovery and Results

Microneedling usually involves a shorter recovery time than other skin resurfacing treatments, such as laser therapy or a chemical peel, because it does minimal damage to the outer skin layer.

Most patients can immediately go about their day following a microneedling treatment. Any redness or sensitivity, sometimes described as feeling like a mild sunburn, generally passes within 48 hours. Be sure to avoid sun exposure for the first week and always apply sunscreen.

After microneedling treatments, your body begins the work of rejuvenating the skin and stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. Results will continue to develop as the fresh new collagen generated by your body continues to build. Most patients start with three treatment sessions, spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart, with the number of further treatments based on the individual and the condition being treated.

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Microneedling is an effective skin rejuvenation treatment for facial lines and wrinkles, scars and stretch marks.

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