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Botulinum Toxin in Birmingham, Alabama

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BOTOX Cosmetic, Dysport, Jeuveau, Xeomin for Temporary Wrinkle Reduction

The cosmetic form of Botulinum Toxin, a purified substance that is derived from bacteria, is a popular nonsurgical injection that blocks muscular nerve signals, weakening the muscles so that they cannot contract. Injections of botulinum toxin diminish unwanted facial wrinkles by temporarily reducing or eliminating frown lines, forehead creases, crow's feet near the eyes and thick bands in the neck.

The Birmingham, Alabama physicians at Hedden & Gunn Plastic Surgery use botulinum toxin products BOTOX Cosmetic, Dysport, Jeuveau and Xeomin to rejuvenate your face by reducing facial wrinkles and furrows with a quick nonsurgical procedure.

Botulinum Toxin Candidates

Smiling, frowning, squinting and even chewing — basically any facial movement — can eventually lead to wrinkles, one of the most common signs of aging. Wrinkles can make you appear tired or even angry when you are not. One of the quickest and safest remedies to remove wrinkles is an injection of botulinum toxin type A.

Botulinum toxin can be combined with other cosmetic skin procedures — such as Dermal Fillers, Chemical Peels or Microdermabrasion — to further improve your results. This combination of therapies, often known as a Liquid Facelift, can even help to prevent the formation of new lines and wrinkles.

Your Botulinum Toxin Consultation

By choosing a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) for your botulinum toxin treatments, you can be assured that you are choosing a highly-trained, board-certified plastic surgeon. ASPS Member Surgeons must meet rigorous standards for training, ethics, physician practice and research in plastic surgery.

During your botulinum toxin consultation, be prepared to discuss:

  • Your goals.
  • Medical conditions, drug allergies and medical treatments.
  • Current medications, vitamins, herbal supplements, alcohol, tobacco and drugs.

Your plastic surgeon may also:

  • Evaluate your general health and any pre-existing health conditions or risk factors.
  • Discuss likely outcomes and any risks or potential complications.

Be sure to ask questions at your consultation. It's natural to feel some anxiety, whether pre-treatment stress or excitement about your anticipated new look. Don't be shy about discussing these feelings with your plastic surgeon.

Botulinum Toxin Risks and Safety Information

Although generally safe, side effects and complications of botulinum toxin can include:

  • Bruising and pain at the injection site.
  • Flu-like symptoms.
  • Headache.
  • Nausea.
  • Redness.
  • Temporary facial weakness or drooping.
  • Very rarely, the toxin can spread beyond the treatment area, which can cause botulism-like signs and symptoms such as breathing problems, trouble swallowing, muscle weakness and slurred speech.

Botulinum Toxin Procedure

Botulinum toxin is a nonsurgical injection that is given in your plastic surgeon's office. Injections usually take less than 15 minutes. No anesthesia is required.

Injections of botulinum toxin may seem like a simple procedure, since it's just a few shots. It is actually both an art and a science that should only be performed by an experienced healthcare professional.

There are 43 muscles in your face. It is vital that the person who performs botulinum toxin injections understands and pinpoints the correct spots to optimize your treatment.

A very thin needle is used to inject small amounts of botulinum toxin into specific muscles. By carefully choosing specific muscles, your provider weakens only the wrinkle-producing muscles while preserving your natural facial expressions.

The number of injections you need will depend on your facial features and the extent of your wrinkles. Crow's feet, for example, usually demand two to three injections. Furrows above your brow could take five or more.

Botulinum Toxin Recovery

No downtime or recovery time is associated with for botulinum toxin injections. You may resume normal activities immediately.

Do not rub or massage the treated areas after the wrinkle treatment. This can cause the botulinum toxin to migrate to another area of your face. If this happens, you could exprience temporary facial weakness or drooping.

Botulinum Toxin Results

You may notice results within a few days, but it can take up to a week to see the full effect. This improvement typically lasts about 3 to 4 months.

When the effects of botulinum toxin begin to fade, your muscle reactions and the wrinkles will return.

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Hedden and Gunn Plastic Surgery

BOTOX Cosmetic, Dysport, Jeuveau and Xeomin at Hedden & Gunn Plastic Surgery are used to temporarily diminish unwanted facial wrinkles.

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