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Breast Implant Mobility Exercises

Mobility exercises for breast implants are started 3 to 4 weeks after breast augmentation surgery to promote a natural appearance of the breasts. These exercises are performed to keep the dissected pocket open and help prevent capsular contracture. The nurses at Hedden & Gunn Plastic Surgery will instruct you on the proper technique to use for these exercises. Please feel free to return to the office for additional instructions or call for advice.

Capsular contracture occurs when scar tissue forms around the breast implant and squeezes it, causing firmness or hardness of the implant. Keeping the pocket open and moving the implant greatly reduces the chance of capsular contracture. Each separate movement should only take about 1 minute. Exercises should be repeated three times a day and each breast should be exercised separately. If needed, Ibuprofen may be taken 20 to 30 minutes prior to exercising.

Don't be afraid to push firmly on your breast implants. The incision is closed in layers and you cannot hurt yourself by pushing firmly (most patients are not vigorous enough). It is common for one implant to move more freely than the other. The more you push and the better your exercises are following breast augmentation, the more natural your breast implants will look and the sooner discomfort will subside.

Upward Movement of the Breast Implants

Downward Movement of the Breast Implants

The object of this exercise is to seat the implant into the lowered breast fold, which is initially somewhat unyielding. This is accomplished in two separate steps.

Down and Inward Movement of the Breast Implants

Cleavage Movement

Cup the outer breast with your opposite hand, feel for the implant and move toward the midline. Both breasts can be done at the same time by "embracing" yourself. Don't worry if the breasts do not meet in the midline. Chest muscles may be naturally wider in some patients, resulting in wider cleavage and making it difficult to have the breast "kiss." Do what you can.

Exercise Frequency

Once the implants have healed in the lowered breast fold and the balance between the upper and lower parts of the augmented breast appear satisfactory, continue downward movements less frequently (about two to three times per week). After 1 month, exercises may be done once a day. After 3 to 4 months, you may further reduce the frequency of exercises to once a week for about a year. A large stretched pocket will maintain the softness and natural appearance of the breast.

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