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Fat Grafting in Birmingham AL

Natural Volume Where You Need It

Over time, the contours of the body change due to the effects of aging, gravity, changes in weight and fluctuation of hormones. Fat Grafting, also known as fat transfer or fat injection, is performed to revitalize your appearance by adding natural volume to areas of need. In addition, donor areas such as the abdomen, hips and thighs are often slimmed with liposuction to give you a double benefit.

Fat transfer is used for facial rejuvenation, buttocks augmentation, breast enhancement and other procedures where natural, youthful volume is required to achieve your desired result.

With fat grafting at our Birmingham, Alabama cosmetic surgery center, your body naturally accepts the injected fat without risk of an allergic reaction.

Fat Grafting Treatment Areas

Fat grafting can be used to add volume in the face, breasts, buttocks, hands and other areas with soft tissue defects.

Face Fat Transfer

Fat grafting can be used to treat signs of facial aging and facial scars by increasing fullness, filling in creases and adding volume to shallow contours. Lines and wrinkles, sunken cheeks and acne scars are examples of conditions that can be addressed with fat injections.

Fat can also be used to plump the lips, though lip enhancement with dermal fillers is more common and less extensive procedure.

Buttocks Fat Transfer

Patients may be unhappy with the size and shape of your buttocks due to heredity, aging and weight loss. The Brazilian butt lift is a popular body contouring procedure used to give you a more rounded and flattering rear end. Performed using liposuction and fat transfer to the buttocks, the Brazilian butt lift adds volume to the backside to create a more youthful, shapelier appearance.

Breasts Fat Transfer

Women who are dissatisfied with their breast size or have seen undesirable changes over the years may consider autologous breast augmentation to achieve breasts that are fuller and more shapely. Breast enlargement performed with fat grafting generally results in a smaller size increase than breast implants, but provides results that are very natural.

Fat Transfer Procedure

The first step in fat grafting is to harvest the donor fat with liposuction. Donor areas may include the abdomen, hips, thighs, lower back or other body areas where unwanted, excess fat is present. Slimmer new contours in the donor area or areas is often an added benefit of your fat transfer procedure.

Once extracted, the donor fat is purified and injected into other areas of the body to add or restore volume.

Fat transfer may be performed under local anesthesia where only the treated area is numbed. However, general anesthesia may be used during procedures that involve larger amounts of fat or multiple areas of the body.

Fat grafting is performed at our accredited Outpatient Surgery Facility in Birmingham, Alabama or in a clinic room for minor procedures.

Depending on the procedure, fat grafting can result in a moderate amount of swelling and bruising. Some of the fat is reabsorbed by the body during the first few weeks or months after treatment, but new technologies are making the results of fat grafting more predictable. Results are considered permanent once the healing process is completed.

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Fat Grafting, or Fat Transfer, uses your own fat to add volume to the buttocks, breasts, face, hands or other areas.

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