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Dana Littleton's Cosmetic Surgery with Dr. Hedden

Dana Littleton had breast augmentation with Dr. William Hedden after changing her lifestyle and losing weight as part of the O Health Challenge. She has been featured in national magazines Good Houskeeping and Oprah Magazine and is a motivational speaker.

Dana says Dr. Hedden gave her a gift she couldn't give herself. She had lost 118 pounds, had gone from a size 22 to a 4/6 and had been featured in the January 2004 issue of Oprah Magazine as well as on the Oprah Show. She travels the country and does interviews worldwide concerning her weight loss as well as motivating others through her faith. She is currently working on a book and modeling.

As you can see, Dana is quite driven. But Dana says, "I could run to Texas and back, and not grow a chest." Dr. Hedden helped Dana go from a 32AA to a lower C. She is thrilled with the results and feels that her new breasts are a reward for all the pounds lost!

She is a new women, and enjoys telling women that she speaks to just how pampering and rewarding it is to have an area fixed that has plagued you. Dr. Hedden offers many services to help women look and feel beautiful, but Dana says, "I was amazed by his sincere kindness and gentle nature. He made me feel very comfortable, and he is blessed with amazing God-given talent. I will tell everyone how wonderful I feel and now look after Dr. Hedden so graciously helped me!"

Dana Littleton breast augmentation before and after
Dana Littleton before and after Breast Augmentation with Dr. William Hedden

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